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New Martyrs and Confessors of the Soviet Yoke

List of Glorified Ukrainian Orthodox New Martyrs and Confessors

The Glorification of all the known Ukrainian Martyrs and Confessors who perished for Christ during the Soviet period is far from complete.  Many may never be formally Glorified on earth, but they are Glorified by God in Heaven.  Here is a list of Glorified Ukrainian Orthodox New Martyrs and Confessors:

St Volodymyr, Protomartyr, Metropolitan of Kyiv;  St. Yuri Novitsky of Kyiv; St. Ivan Kovshariv of Odessa; St Alexander Hotovitsky of Volyn, Protopresbyter; St Alexander Petrivsky of Volyn, Archbishop;  St Constantine Dyakiv of Volyn, Metropolitan; St. Onyphry Hahalyuk of Lublin, Archbishop; St. Valentyn Mamchich, Archimandrite; St Ivan Timoniv, Priest; St Volodymyr Vasilivsky, Priest; St Nicholas Mihulin of Kharkiv, Priest; St Victor Yavorsky, Priest; St Dionysiy Chahovets, Priest; St Stepan Androniv of Kharkiv, Priest; St. Ivan Fedorvi, Priest; St. Lukian Fedotiv, Priest; St. Alexander Tatariniv of Kharkiv, Priest;  St. Yakiv Martinenko of Kharkiv, Priest; St. Cyprian Yankovsky of Kharkiv, Archimandrite; St. Paul Krasnokutsky of Kharkiv, Priest; St. Paisius Moskot of Kharkiv, Priest; St. Semen Oskin of Kharkiv, Priest; St. Nicholas Evfimiv of Kharkiv, Priest.  St. Gabriel Protopopiv of Kharkiv, Priest; St Spiridon Yevtushenko of Kharkiv, Deacon.  St Ivan Kononenko of Kharkiv, Regent;  St. Phillip Ordinets of Kursk, Regent; St Andriy Mischenko of Kursk, Regent.  St. Yakiv Redozubiv of Kursk, Protoierey; St. Nicholas Zahorivsky, Confessor, of Akhtyrka near Kharkiv, Protoierey; St Petro Doroshenko of Kharkiv, Protoierey; St Ivan Fedoriv of Kharkiv, Priest; St.Ilarion Zhukiv of Kharkiv, Priest; St Serhiy Shipulin of Byelske, Priest; St. Antin Horban of Poltava, Priest; St Luke Voyno-Yasenetsky of Taurich, Archbishop; St Varlaam Pohiliuk of Kamenets-Podilsky, Ieromonakh;  St. Porphyrius of Simferopil, Metropolian; Sts. Nicholas and Demetrius, Archbishops; St. Bartholomew, Hieromonk; Sts. John, Volodymyr, Timothy and Olesky of Crimea, Priests; St. Luke, Archbishop of Simferopil, Confessor; St. Procopius, Archbishop of Cherson; Saints Constantine, Onuphry and Alexander, Hieromartyrs and All Holy New Martyrs of Slobozhanschyna.

Among the New Martyrs, St John Pommer, Archbishop of Riga and Latvia, who was shot to death by the Communists, deserves a special place in the Ukrainian Calendar as he helped many Ukrainian Catholics who desired to return to Orthodoxy do so in the 1940’s.

On August 20, AD2000, almost a thousand new Orthodox Saints and Martyrs, mainly from the period of the Soviet Yoke, were glorified by the Russian Patriarch together with the Patriarchs and representatives of many other Orthodox Churches.

Among those prior to the Soviet period are:  St Arsenius Matsievich of Rostov and St Parthenius the Ihumen of the Kyzyltashk Monastery who was martyred by the Crimean Tatars and whose cult is strong among Ukrainians in Crimea.  In addition, two groups of saints were glorified, both of which derive from the spiritual tradition of St Paisius Velichkovsky and which, therefore, belong to the Kyivan Church:  34 Martyr-Saints of Valaam, martyred by the Lutherans and the Choir of Venerable Saints of Optino.  Among the latter group, St Joseph Litovkin, a Ukrainian from Kharkiv, is numbered.

A number of Ukrainian New Martyrs were given a universal Orthodox cult, among them:

St Anatolius Hrysiuk, Metropolitan Of Odessa
St Onyphrius Hahaliuk Archbishop of Kursk
St Alexander Petrivsky, Archbishop of Kharkiv
St Serjih Zviriv, Archbishop of Eletsk
St Prokopius Tytiv, Archbishop of Kherson
St Basil Zelentsiv, Bishop of Prilutsk
St Porphyrius Hulevych, Bishop of Crimea
St Dmytry Kyraniv, Protoierey
St Nicholas Mezentsiv, Protoierey
St Bartholomew Ratnikh, Ieromonk
St Timothy Izotiv, Priest
St John Blumovich, Priest
St Volodymyr Pyschulyn, Priest
St  Anthony, Ierodeacon
St Nicholas Kazansky, Protoierey
St Eleazar Spiridoniv, Priest
The 103 Holy New Martyrs of Cherkas'
St Basil Bohoyavlensky, Archbishop of Chernihiv
St Mathew Pomerantsiv, Archimandrite of Chernihiv
St Alexius Zviriv of Chernihiv
St Luke Voyno-Yasenetsky, Archbishop of Crimea
St Makarius Karmazyn, Bishop of Uman
St Andrew Kosovsky, Protoierey
St Victor Kuraniv, Protoierey
St Dmytry Ihnatenko, Protoierey
St Michael Bohoslovsky, Protoierey
St Alexander Ilenkiv, Priest
St Mathew Alexandriv, Priest
St Stephan Nalyvayko of Crimea
St Dmytry Spiridoniv of Crimea

In addition, the Act of Glorification of August 20, 2000 also glorified all those who were martyred for Christ under the Soviet Yoke, those whose names we cannot know, but who are known only to God Himself and are glorified by Him in Heaven.  There are many Ukrainians listed as Saints under the different dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church, and their backgrounds need to be researched.

Before the general Glorification of the New Martyrs in 2000 AD, another Ukrainian Martyr was recognized in 1992.

Saint Yuri Novitsky was born in 1882 in Uman of the Kyivan Province.  He became a lawyer, a criminalist and a university professor in Kyiv and in St Petersburg.  His work continued after the Soviet takeover, but it was only a matter of time before he would be arrested for his Orthodox Christian faith and practice.  As he opposed the robbing of Church property by the Bolsheviks, Yuri was arrested, condemned and then shot on 13 August 1922.  He was glorified a New Martyr-saint by the Moscow Patriarchate in 1992.

Last year, 2002, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church glorified  the Holy Hieromartyr St Joasaph Mohilivsky of the Chernihiv region.  Descended from a wealthy aristocratic family, Joasaph rejected the world and became a monk and a priest, having built the Church of St Luke (which was destroyed by the Bolsheviks).  He became its pastor but was martyred by the communists in the 1930's.  He is now a popular saint in the Chernihiv area and his feast day is November 5th.

The Feast of All Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of the Communist Yoke has been traditionally celebrated on the Sunday closest to February 7th, Julian Calendar, that being the day of the martyrdom of St Volodymyr, Metropolitan of Kyiv, the Protomartyr of the Communist Yoke who was shot against a wall of the Kyivan Caves Lavra. 

One could argue that all the New Martyrs of the Communist Yoke, whether they were Ukrainian or not, belong to the Kyivan Church as they are all children of the Kyivan Church tradition, as Metropolitan Ohienko writes.

The number of specified Ukrainian New Martyrs is still small and it is up to the Church to glorify further Saints in future.

Recently, the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church glorified the Orthodox New Martyrs of Kholm who perished for their faith in the years 1942-1945.

Among them are included:

Venerable Martyr St Ignatius from the Yablochny Monastery of St Onuphrius
Hieromartyr St Basil Martysh, Priest
Hieormartyr St Leo Korobchuk, Priest
Hieromartyr St Nicholas Holtz, Priest
Hieromartyr St Sergius Zakharchuk, Priest
Hieromartyr St Peter Ohrizhko, Priest
Hieromartyr St Paul Shvayko Priest and his Presbytera, St Ivanna.

These all perished near the towns of Hrubeshiv and Zamost.  The Feast of the New Martyrs of Kholm has been established on the First Sunday of June each year.


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